How to Use Our Brooch Enhancers to Turn a Brooch Into a Pendant


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Brooch Enhancers Directions

Horizontal Pin Directions

Vertical Pin Directions

Brooch Enhancers

Our brooch enhancer converts a brooch into a pendant. Handcrafted with sterling silver or 14k gold filled wire. Elaine's original design enhancer does one thing the others can't: It keeps your brooch from tilting forward when it's hanging on a necklace. Our enhancers can be used with a slide, chain, or beaded necklace.

Horizontal Pin Brooch Enhancers Directions

These are made to use with a flat back brooch that has a horizontal pin 3/4" or larger. You can use with brooches that have an open or recessed back, but the no-tilt feature won't work.

Brooch Enhancer for Horizontal Pin Brooch
Image 1

Simply slide the pin on the back through the two holes in the enhancer.  (See Image 1)

Two small rubber stoppers are included to keep enhancer centered on long pins.  The stoppers are not needed If the pin is less than 1-1/8" long. With the stopper no matter how long the pin, the enhancer will stay centered.  (See Image 2)

Put the first stopper (B) on the pin and slide it toward the back where the hinge is. 

Next slide the enhancer onto the pin.

After the enhancer is on the pin, slide on the second rubber stopper (A)

Adjust by sliding the enhancer to the center, then push the stoppers up against both sides of the enhancer.

Back of Brooch Showing Stoppers and Brooch Enhancer
Image 2

Vertical Pin Brooch Enhancers Directions

Leeleeko No Tilt Brooch Enhancer - convert your brooch into a pendant.These enhancers are for a brooch with a vertical pin and will fit most brooches with a vertical pin.

  • These work best when the pin is centered on the brooch, otherwise your brooch will be off center as a pendant.

  • Rubber stoppers are not needed with these.

  • The bottom of the enhancer should be towards the bottom of the brooch.  This is usually the bottom of the pin also, but the pin may be upside down in some cases. 

  • Just remember slide the pin through both holes of the enhancer. If it's upside down, take it off and reverse it.


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