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Victorian lady fashion cameo with sterling silver wirework.

since 2006 with 48 Lucky winners so far.

Darlene Alexander of Nekoosa, WI is the November 2018 winner of the Fashion Cameo Pendant.  She Wrote:  Thank you very much for drawing my name as a winner in your jewelry contest.  I love your original designs and am thrilled to win this contest. 

Cyndee Trausch of Lake Zurich, IL is the July 2018 winner of the Turquoise and Black Onyx Pendant Necklace.  She wrote:  Thank you Leeleeko Jewelry for my stunning necklace.  I love turquoise!!!!!

Donna Enfinger of Keeseville, NY is the March 2018 winner of the Gemstone Pendant and Earring set. She wrote: I received my beautiful prize today. Pictures do not do it justice It is just beautiful! Thank you so much! I will be wearing it this weekend and will let all my friends know where I got it. Thank you again!

Elizabeth Clarkson of Purcellville, VA is the November 2017 winner of the Pearl and Onyx Jewelry set contest. She wrote: "Thank you.  How exciting.  I have been admiring your beautiful jewelry!"

Mary Beth Elderton of St. Louis, MO. is the July, 2017 winner of the Inlaid Sterling Silver Zuni Bead Choker and Earring Set Contest. She wrote, "OMGoodness! This is just beautiful!"

Stephanie Liske of Auburn, CA is the March, 2017 winner of the dichroic glass pendant and Earring Set Contest.  She wrote:  Awesome!! Thanks so much!! My daughter is going to love this!!

Deb Ford of Niskayuna, NY is the November, 2016 winner of the Gemstone Pendant Necklace and Earring Set Contest.  She wrote: "Thanks so much for the fabulous news.  I'm so excited to have won!  I'm a huge fan of jewelry - I'm constantly looking for new pieces, and this set is beautiful and will certainly be a great accessory for many outfits.  I'm so very grateful."

Gail McKee of Holly, MI is the July 2016 winner of the Carved Lapis Rose Jewelry Set Contest. She wrote:  Thank you so very much, I have been doing your contest for many years now and I can't believe I finally won! Very excited to wear it and show it off!
Sharon Thurston of St Anicet, QC is the March 2016 Winner of the Agate Pendant Necklace Contest.  She wrote: I am so pleased to be chosen as your winner.

Martha Jamison of Winchester, VA is the November 2015 Winner of the Carnelian Gemstone Jewelry Set Contest.  She wrote, "Wow! Thanks so much! I am so happy to be the winner of this lovely set. Simply beautiful!"

Colleen Taylor of Fort Dodge, IA is the July 2015 Winner of the Ocean Jasper Jewelry Set.  She wrote:  Very pleased to have won. Thank you!

Cheryl Steinmann of Beaver Dam, WI is the March, 2015 Winner of the Wirework Serpentine Gemstone Pendant.  She wrote: Thank you for choosing me as a winner in your sweepstakes!!

Cristy Ridey of Wichita, KS is the November, 2014 winner of the Cloisonné Gemstone Jewelry set.  She wrote: Thank You so much!!! I love jewelry and cannot wait to get my hands on this set.

bobby negri of Powder Springs, GA is the July, 2014 winner of the Custom Wirework Pendant. He wrote: I will wear it happily and tell everyone where I got it. When you send it can you send a business card. I am so happy tang I won this.

Gary Haynes of Gahanna, OH is the March, 2014 winner of the Amethyst Pendant. He wrote:  Wow… that’s fantastic… thank you.

Brenda Moreno, Sidon, MS is the November 2013 winner of  the Jasper Jewelry Set. She wrote:  Wow Thanks A lot I Really Never Ever Win things are looking up.

Irene Menge, of Toms River, NJ. is the July 2013 winner of the Ammonite Fossil Pendant.  She wrote: Thank you so much. I am thrilled to win. My son will be so envious. We hunt fossils several times a year a Big Brook in Monmouth County, NJ. We haven't found anything noteworthy. Just a bunch of shark teeth and fragments of fossilized bones, but we are always hopeful.

Shelly Clayton, of Tampico, IL is the March 2013 winner of the Wirework Jasper Pendant. She wrote:  I am so excited about winning this contest I thought the pendant was so beautiful I  was hoping I would win. Thank-You for a wonderful contest.

Vickie Hamilton, of Chickamauga, GA is the November 2012 winner of the Glass Cameo Pendant. She wrote:  I am thrilled to have won the pendant necklace in your sweepstakes! It is a very lovely piece of jewelry. I am surprised and happy that I am the winner. Thank you so much!

Cindy Casky, of Slater, IA is the July 2012 winner of the Gemstone Necklace and Earring Set. She wrote:  Thank you so much for offering these wonderful sweepstakes! I am delighted I have won and have already told just about everyone I know about your website and jewelry. Thanks again and I cant wait to see them!

Ella Stokely, of Olive Hill, KY. is the March 2012 winner of the Yellow Turquoise Pendant Necklace.  She wrote:  OMG!!!!!....I am SO excited!!  I love this necklace and can't wait 'til it gets here....just in time for my birthday at that!!  Thank you so much.  This jewelry will be going with me to the Olympics in London, England this summer and I know I'll be getting lots of compliments on it.  I also want to say I appreciate your sponsorship of this contest and hope you keep it up!!  THANKS AGAIN.

Sheree Warner. of Oak Ridge, TN is the November 2011 winner of the Paua Shell Pendant. She wrote: I felt like Christmas came early when I received notice that I won the Paua Shell Pendant. I believe a girl can never have too much jewelry! Thank you so very much and may everyone at Leeleeko Jewelry have a Safe, Happy Holiday Season! 

Emily Savidge , of Rio Rancho, NM is the July 2011 winner of the Coral Pendant Necklace and Earrings.  She wrote:  I just received my contest prize. That was quick! And it was even more beautiful than the photograph! I love it! Thank you SO MUCH. Everyone should try entering your sweepstakes - and check out the fine jewelry while they're here. Thanks again!

Shirley Schoyen, of Winnipeg, MB is the March  2011 winner of the Pearl Jewelry Set. She wrote:  I love the jewelry on this site and I am thrilled to win this month's prize.

Peggy Loewer, of Green Bay, WI is the November 2010 winner of the Moss Agate Pendant.  She wrote:  Thank you very much for picking me as your winner in your contest! I am very excited in winning this prize, I have the perfect dress to wear with this!

Joyce Mitchell, of Selma, NC is the August 2010 winner of the Dichroic Glass Pendant.  She wrote: Wow!  This is amazing.  Your jewelry is beautiful & I'm thrilled that I've won.  Thank you so much.

Nancy Kliment of Tracy, CA is the May 2010 winner of the Agate Jewelry Set. She wrote: I just received a very lovely, unique and different agate jewelry set in the mail today. (Even my husband was quite impressed.) I can't wait to wear it with my rust-colored peasant skirt. Lot's of complements will be coming my way I'm sure. Many thanks for this very special prize.

Sari Orlans  of Toronto, ON is the February winner of the Turbo Pearl Wire Wrapped Ring.  She wrote: I received my ring and I must tell you that it is absolutely beautiful.  I will definitely show it off and let everyone know where I got it. Thank you very much..

Louise Chenelle of Montgomery, AL is the November 2009 winner of the Blue Tiger Eye Jewelry Set.  She wrote:  I am so happy to win your sweepstakes!! I'm looking forward to wearing your beautiful Tiger's Eye set. Thank you so much!

Kathy Knutson of Polo, IL is the August 2009 winner of the Pearl Jewelry Set. She wrote:  Thank you for selecting me as a winner! I enjoy looking at the items on your site, and appreciate that I can wear a jewelry item!

Maureen Beisel, of Saskatoon, SK is the May 2009 winner of the Fine Silver Chrysocolla Pendant.  She wrote:  This is so exciting and I will be awaiting to receive your unique jewelry. I love the colour of the chrysocolla and that it supports harmony. I have just gone thru some surgery so bringing back harmony and purification to my health is just want I need! Thanks for helping me!!

Dena Wilkins, of Livonia MI is the February 2009 winner of the Marra Mamba Tiger Eye Pendant.  She wrote:  Received my Tiger Eye Pendant. It is really beautiful & I will enjoy wearing it. What wonderful workmanship. Thank you.

Theresa Jenkins of Freedom, PA is the November 2008 winner of the Wyoming Jade Pendant.  She wrote:  Thank you for the win, I can't wait to receive it and wear this for the holiday season. (with 3 girls, I might only get 1 chance)

Cheryl Wilson of Casa Grande, AZ is the August 2008 winner of the Osmena Pearl Jewelry set. She wrote:  Wow! Thanks! It's a beautiful set!  I can't wait to see it in person.

Judy Sleight of Hollister, CA is the May 2008 winner of the dinosaur bone pendant is . She wrote:  I want to thank you so much. When you called, I can't tell you how surprised and excited I was. I love your website and visit it often. The pieces that you offer are so unique and quite stunning and I never get tired of looking through the collections.

Marilyn Wons of Miramar Beach, FL is the February 2008 winner of the hematite jewelry set. She wrote:  "Your beautiful hematite gemstone jewelry set just arrived in the mail.  Oh thank you.  It is so lovely and fits so perfectly.  I plan on wearing it Saturday.  You can be sure that I will refer people to your site.  Have a wonderful weekend - I sure will!"

Denise Mower of Horseheads, NY, the November 2007 winner of the pearl necklace wrote:  "Holy cow! Thanks so much!! I can't believe it! OMG that necklace is exquisite! "

Belinda Shaw of Orient, OH, the winner of the August 2007 $50 gift certificate wrote: "I'm so excited that I've won the $50 gift certificate!  Your jewelry is so unique and I'm very anxious to receive this certificate and receive a special item from your company."
Cheryl Bartell of Baltimore, MD.
the winner of the $25 gift certificate wrote:  "I am so excited to wear a piece I have admired several times on the web site. Thank you for the Gift Certificate."

Linda Gates of Springfield, MO the winner of the May 2007 $50 gift certificate wrote: Oh my gosh, I can't believe it! I am so excited about winning your drawing my hands are shaking! All of your pieces are so awesome it is going to be very difficult to choose what to buy! Thank you sooooo very much!!!
Frank Stock of Surrey, BC the winner of the $25 gift certificate
wrote: This is Great! My granddaughter will love shopping for jewelry on your site.

Linda Ellis of Canyon Lake TX the winner of the March 2007 $50 gift certificate wrote: "I am very happy to receive your email this morning.  Thank you so much for selecting me as your winner! You have such beautiful items on your website and it's going to be a lot of fun choosing something special."
Jenny Vrana of Hockessin, DE the winner of the $25 gift certificate wrote: "
I can't believe that I won. What a great surprise!"

Bonnie Pagliaro of Waterford Works, NJ January 2007 winner wrote: The jewelry arrived today and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  I've been wanting jewelry that was versatile and would match most of my outfits. I was especially wanting a beautiful pendant.  Now I have two. This grouping certainly fills those wishes. I was very impressed by the workmanship. I can't wait to wear it to work and show it off to my friends. They are going to love it too. Thank you so very much!

Sandy Howe of Chilliwack, BC the November 2006 winner wrote: "You have such unique and beautiful jewelry. Thank you."

Anita Hunt of Cherryville, NC the September 2006 winner wrote: "I received the pendant. It is more beautiful than I imagined. I wore it to work the same day and received so many compliments and questions about where I had gotten it. I've told friends about the Leeleeko website, beautiful jewelry and the monthly contest. Thanks again for the beautiful pendant and for sponsoring such a lovely contest."

Marla Schleider of Fairlawn, OH the July 2006 contest winner wrote: "Yeah! I can't believe it. Thank you for the necklace. It's beautiful. I love the color combinations - so versatile. Very cool."

Erin Gilpin of Ashland, OR the April 2006 contest winner wrote: "Oh how wonderful! Thank you so much! I'm very excited to have won one of your beautiful creations!"

March 2018 Prize
November 2017 prize
July 2017 prize
March, 2017 Prize dichroic glass pendant and Earring Set
November, 2016 prize  Gemstone Pendant Necklace and Earring Set
July2016 Prize
Agate Pendant Necklace prize for March 2016
Carnelian and silver jewelry set prize for November 2015
Serpentine Pendant, March 2015 Prize
Jasper Agate Jewelry Set prize for July 2015
 Cloisonné Gemstone Jewelry set prize for November 2014
Custom Agate Pendant, July 2014 Prize
Amethyst Pendant, March 2014 Prize
Leopard Skin Jasper Jewelry Set
Ammonite Fossil Pendant - Prize for Aug 2013 Contest
Jasper Pendant - Prize for Mar 2013 Contest
Glass Cameo Pendant - Prize for Nov 2012 Contest
Yellow Turquoise Pendant Necklace - Prize for March 2012 Contest
Paua Shell Pendant - Prize for November 2011 Contest
Coral Pendant Necklace and Earrings - Prize for July 2011 Contest
Pearl Jewelry Set - March 2011 Prize
Moss Agate Pendant - November 2010 Prize
Agate Jewelry Set - May 2010 Prize
Dichroic Glass Pendant - August 2010 Prize
Turbo Pearl Ring - February 2010 Prize
Blue Tiger Eye Jewelry Set - Nov 2009 Prize
Pearl Jewelry Set - August 2009 Prize
Wyoming Jade Pendant - November 2008 Prize
Fine Silver Chrysocolla Pendant - May 2009 Prize
Dinosaur Bone Pendant - May 2008 Prize
Hematite Jewelry Set - February 2008 Prize
Marra Mamba Tiger Eye Pendant - February 2009 Prize
Purchased by August 2007 winner with gift certificate prize.
Osmena Pearl Jewelry Set - August 2008 prize
Pearl Necklace November 2007 Prize
March 2007 winner prize.

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